Thordon dirty water bearing tugThordon Bearings has over 25 years’ experience working with workboats, pushboats and tugs operating in dirty abrasive-laden water, especially in the Fraser and Mississippi River systems. Long lasting Thordon RiverTough water lubricated tailshaft bearings operating in combination with hard coated shaft sleeves offer life cycle cost and performance benefits to keep your vessel operating longer, saving you money and down time.


  • Bearing wear rates of vessels operating in dirty water environments show that RiverTough bearings last twice as long as rubber bearings
  • Documented data from Mississippi workboat operators shows typical RiverTough bearing wear rates of 0.075mm to 0.100mm (0.003” to 0.004″) in 6000 to 7000 hours of annual use

Mating Surface:

Run in combination with hard-coated nickel-chrome-boron (NiCrB) shaft sleeves, Thordon RiverTough offers outstanding wear life in abrasive water lubricated applications. The up-front cost is quickly offset by longer wear life and reduced maintenance down time over the life of the vessel.



Thordon RiverTough bearings can be installed using an interference freeze fit or bonded in place using a Thordon-approved adhesive. Interference fit is often recommended for new build installations where the housing bore is consistent and concentric. Bonding is often the best option for repair installations where the housing bore may not be ideal.

Water Flow:

Recommended water flow is 0.15 litres/minute/mm (1 GPM/inch) of shaft diameter to provide lubrication and bearing cooling.