Water Quality PackageThe Thordon Water Quality Package is designed to supply seawater to the stern tube bearings for lubrication and cooling at a minimum flow rate of 0.15 litre/minute/mm (1 US gallon/minute/inch) of shaft diameter and to condition sea water from the water supply by removing suspended solids with a specific gravity of 1.2 or higher and greater than 80 microns (0.003”). A flow alarm is incorporated to alert the operator to any low water flow condition to the bearings. The Thordon Water Quality Package is designed to operate on a stand-alone basis, or can be fully integrated into the ship’s control and monitoring systems to allow operation in an unmanned machinery space.

Thordon offers three Water Quality Packages in configurations designed to deliver flow to suit a wide range of shaft sizes, and provide an appropriate degree of redundancy for the vessel involved. Thordon can, if required, work with integrators, designers and builders to meet special needs for specific installations.