Rotating Unions (also known as rotary swivels, rotary couplings, rotary joints) are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery. Rotating Unions are used in numerous manufacturing processes to cool, heat, or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power.

Deublin Rotary Unions can be found in a variety of industries and applications. Whether you are transferring:


  • Water
  • Water Glycol
  • Air
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Coolant
  • MQL
  • Hot Oil
  • Steam
  • Vacuum

This list includes several of the more common industries that Deublin Unions can be found in:

Deublin SteamAgriculture

Equipment used in grain harvesting including combines, tractors, grain carts and threshers, employ rotating unions. Once harvested, many crops will be processed with equipment that uses rotating unions. Food processing equipment that use rotating unions include cooling conveyors, flaking mills, shredders, steam cookers, starch dryers, rotary cutters and roll-forming.

Agriculture equipment

Applications include variable speed threshers, brake/clutch applications, greasing applications, variable speed or pitch cooling fans, and central tire inflations.

Food processing equipment

Applications include cooling conveyors, shredders, steam cookers, starch dryers, rotary cutters, and roll forming.

Hot OilAutomotive

Auto manufacturing is a diverse user of rotating unions for a broad range of parts or components and materials, whether machined steel, iron or aluminum, stampings, plastics, glass or paperboard. Rotating unions are used for operations that require coolant, lubricant or hydraulics.

Transfer Lines/Flexible Machining Centers

Complex metal components from engine blocks, to transmission housings require transfer lines for deep drilling facilitated by through-spindle coolant. Components from carburetors to gears, and valve stems require flexible machining centers.

Stamping/Forming Presses/Welding Machines

Large presses for auto stamp bodies or frames use air or hydraulic clutches with rotating unions. Welding equipment including robotic, TIG welders employ rotating unions for air clamping devices.


Downstream processing of paper, plastic film, foil and related substrate materials into finished, printed packaging such as bags, pouches, labels, tags, folding cartons and corrugated shipping cases is called converting. Deublin rotating unions are used in all types of converting for water, steam, thermal oil, air or hydraulics.

Paper Converting

Large rolls of paper are cut, coated, laminated, printed on and made into finished packaging and materials with the assistance of Deublin rotating unions for cooling, heating, air or hydraulics.

Plastic Converting

Large rolls of plastic are cut, coated, laminated, printed on and made into finished packaging and materials with the assistance of Deublin rotating unions for cooling, heating, air or hydraulics

Deublin Car WashCar Wash

There are two kinds of car wash facilities that use unions: the automatic and the hand operated. Most manufacturers of automatic systems have several revolving brushes which use 55 series to introduce low pressure detergent water through the supporting shaft to the brushes.

In addition touchless car washes have spinner s that require rotating unions to transmit high-pressure water into the spinning mechanisms. Model 22 union has been specifically designed for this type of application.


Deublin steam joint and siphon systems are critical components in corrugators, the large equipment used to manufacture corrugated fiberboard, a paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards, ultimately used for corrugated boxes and shipping containers.

Self-Supported Steam Joints

Single-piece units that mount directly onto the roll journal with carbon graphite bushings that support the steam joint housing relative to the rotor.

Rod-Supported Steam Joints

Units that mount onto support rods that are secured to the frame of the machine. This rigid support allows the steam joint to withstand side loads applied by the steam and condensate hoses.


Electro-hydraulic equipment used in mining operations employ Deublin rotating unions including shuttle cars and coal cars, drill heads, backhoes, clam shell cranes and drag lines. In addition, boom hoists, retrieving drums and bucket drum clutches each require rotating unions.

Underground Mining

Continuous miners use Deublin rotating unions in face cutters and water cooled drills to carry water to the drill head, and minimize coal dust. Unions can be found in mine or shuttle cars and coal cars.

Quarries and Strip Mining

Rock drills use rotating unions to blow air through the center of the drill to evacuate rock chips and keep dust down. Backhoes, clam shell cranes and drag lines are used extensively in strip mining operations.

Deublin airOil & Gas

Drilling rigs (oil or gas) use air clutches and brakes that require Deublin rotating unions. Deublin water unions are used to flush mud from the drill tip, and must withstand shock and vibration in this severe application. Oil and petrochemical refineries use batch mixers, flaking mills, blenders and drying rolls that each require Deublin rotating unions.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Rigs used for drilling oil, gas or water, including blast hole rigs, employ water unions to flush mud from the drill tip. Special two-passage unions are used for lifting the drill pipe with air, and cooling water for lowering the drill pipe into position.

Oil/Gas/Petrochemical Refinery

Oil and petrochemical refineries use batch mixers, flaking mills, blenders and drying rolls that each require Deublin rotating unions.


Deublin paper applications span the production chain from the raw pulp and paper mills, to the downstream paper converters. Mills use steam joint and siphon systems and water unions for heating and cooling. Converters use rotating unions for heating and cooling rolls, as well as winders with air clutches and brakes.

Pulp and Paper Mills

Massive equipment is used to manufacture paper rolls from raw pulp. Deublin rotating unions are used in the headbox, press rolls and nip rolls, while the dryer section employs Deublin steam joints and siphons for steam and condensate removal. Calendar rolls require unions for either steam or hot water.

Paper Converting

Large parent rolls of paper from the mill are placed on winders with air clutches and brakes so that paper rolls can be heated or cooled, coated, cut, slit or cured. Deublin rotating unions are used for heating and cooling rolls.

Deublin WaterPlastic

The manufacturing of plastic materials encompasses a wide variety of applications including cast film, blown film, foam, flexible and rigid sheet extrusion, single and multi-layer co-extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, pelletizing, wire and cable, injection molding and winding. Deublin rotating unions for water and thermal oil service are used for heating or cooling the many processing rolls throughout the wide variety of applications. In addition, Deublin rotating unions for air and hydraulic service are used in winding and injection molding applications. Many of todays modern winding applications will also utilize Deublin electrical slip rings.

Cast Film

Plastic produced as a continual web, film, or coating will be heated or cooled with rolls that utilize rotating unions.

Sheet Extrusion

Plastic sheet extrusion roll stands or roll stacks use Deublin rotating unions for water service to aid in controlling the finish and thickness of the processed film.

Other Applications

Additional Plastics processing include Thermoforming Sheet Line, MDO Line, Blow Molding Machines and Injection Molding. These processes may utilize any combination of extruders, roll stacks, grinder screws, mixers, mills, presses, molds, rotary tables, chilled rolls, winders and calender stacks that require rotating unions.


Printing on flexible rolls of paper or plastic films requires Deublin rotating unions for air or hydraulics, as well as chill rolls for temperature control. Web offset and sheet printing equipment use many unions on the ink vibrator and chill rolls.

Web Offset

Web offset printing equipment use rolls or webs of paper. Rotating unions provide temperature control on the ink vibrator and chill rolls for such high-volume printing applications as newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books.


Sheet-fed printing uses single sheets of paper or paperboard. Rotating unions provide temperature control on the ink vibrator and chill rolls for short-run printing applications as brochures, letterhead and related commercial printing.


The steel industry is one of the largest users of rotating unions primarily for continuous casting machines (CCM) which use Deublin rotating unions to cool the numerous rolls that support molten slabs as it moves by gravity through various segments onto a run-out table to downstream annealing and heat treating. The slab is formed into coil or sheet. Coil is further converted in processing centers that require hydraulic unions for actuation of mandrels.

Continuous Casting Machines

Molten steel is poured from massive ladle turrets into a mold that pushes thru various segments over hundreds of water-cooled rolls, and eventually to a run-out table for further processing. The slab is converted into sheet or coil.

Coil Processing Mandrels

Metal service centers perform such cold-processing as slitting or cutting coils, stamping sheet and more. Deublin hydraulic unions are used for holding of the steel rolls, and actuation of mandrels.