Mill Log Group of Companies is your Rockford PTO Authorized Distributor

Twin Disc – Rockford PTOs are a continuation of the original high quality heavy duty Rockford Power Take Off encompassing the great design and reliability so many have come to know over the years. Rockford PTO’s come in varies heavy duty sizes, ranging from the single plate 6.5” to the triple plate 18” clutch. Mill Log Equipment is proud to provide parts, complete units, and repair the proven and quality Rockford clutch.

What is a Power Take-Off?

Some refer to a Power take-off (PTO), as a clutch or over-center clutch, a PTO provides a method of taking power from the engine, and transferring it through a clutch pack by way of a mechanical over-center engagement, to a variety of power to attachments or separate machines.

Semi-permanently mounted PTOs can be found on industrial and marine engines in all types of applications. PTO applications typically use a drive shaft, sheave or sprocket to transfer the power from the engine going through the clutch to a secondary implement or accessory.