Mill Log Group of Companies is your TSC Authorized Distributor

Marine is a supplier of Tri-State Coating and Machine’s high quality shaft sleeves. TSC shaft sleeves can be ordered in a variety of sizes and materials. Over the past 20-years, we have seen many different changes in shaft liner choices and quality. Liners with added high-grade alloy elements, such as Nickel, Chromium, and Boron (NCB) have replaced conventional materials such as bronze and stainless steel. Not having an appropriately specified bearing and shaft sleeve, will result in premature replacement, causing an increase in operating costs/repairs.

TSC Shaft Sleeves have had tremendous success!  TSC’s Nickel Chrome Boron sleeve has been receiving positive reviews from operators running boats in dirty water environments. It is not unusual for an NCB sleeve to last 4-5 times longer than conventional shaft liners made of bronze or stainless steel.

Nickel-Chrome Boron shaft sleeves increases the service wear life of shafts and shaft sleeves where mechanical abrasion and corrosion takes place, such as in the seal, packing and bearing areas. This tough and wear resistant coating results in a perfect bearing counter running surface with a 58-62 Rockwell “C” hardness. When compared to “standard” conventional materials, this level of hardness is unsurpassed, and causes the liner to stay in much better shape with the bearing surface also benefiting.


Shaft Sleeves can be supplied with either a Finished Bore of Rough Bore inside diameters. In order to provide a quote, all we need is the Quantity, the OD (outside diameter) x the ID (inside diameter) x Length, along with whether you want a Finished Bore sleeve or a Rough Bore sleeve, and the Bevel information, and we will be able to quickly produce a competitive quote for you.

Combine a Tri State Coating & Machine Nickel Chrome Boron shaft sleeve with a Thordon Bearing shaft bearing and you will have a bearing system that will keep your boat working.